Base Resolve Object

This template is the base template for any pipeline step that searches for an existing object that matches an identifier value.


This template is a base template. It is not likely that you will ever create items based directly on this template.

Template Information

Template name Base Resolve Object Pipeline Step
Base template Base Pipeline Step
Field Description
Identifier value accessor
Value accessor used to read the
identifier from the identifier object.
Identifier object location
Where the identifier object is found.
Value reader to convert identifier value for comparison
Value reader used to convert the
identifier value into a format so it can
be compared. What the identifier value
is compared to depends on the type that
inherits from this template.
If object not resolved, finish pipeline
By default, if the identifier object is
not resolved, the pipeline will continue
running. This setting can prevent
subsequent pipeline steps from running.
If object not resolved, do not create new object
By default, if the identifier object is
not resolved, the pipeline step will try
to create a new object. This setting can
prevent a new object from being created.
Resolved object location
If the object is resolved, this
setting specified where the object is
stored so it is available to subsequent
pipeline steps.

Plugin Information

Plugin type Description
Provides access to the source object and the target object.

If this plugin is not set on the pipeline context prior to this
pipeline step running, the pipeline step will abort. This is not a
critical error.