Contact Facet Property (Indexer)ΒΆ

This value accessor is used for “dictionary properties”. A dictionary property is a property on a contact facet that stores multiple values, where each value is identified by a key.

For example, email addresses are stored in a dictionary property, because a contact might have a work email address, home email address and a backup email address. In this example, the keys might be “work”, “home” and “other”.

Other values that are stored in dictionary properties are addresses and telephone numbers.

Template name xDB Contact Facet Indexer Property Value Accessor
Base template Contact Facet Property
Field Description
Contact facet name
Name of the contact facet to access.
Property name of indexer property
Name of the property on the contact facet that is
an indexer property.
Index name for indexer property
Name of the key in the dictionary used to store the
specific value.
Property name
Name of the property on the object read from the
dictionary whose value is accessed.