Resolve Campaign Category

This pipeline step is used to read information used to determine the campaign category that is appropriate for the current tenant.


Unlike other pipeline steps that resolve something, this pipeline step only collects information. The job of determining whether or not a new object is needed is handled by the Save Marketing Campaign pipeline step.

Template Information

Template name Resolve Campaign Category Pipeline Step
Base template Base Pipeline Step
Field Description
Make campaign category item bucketable
If selected, the category item is set as bucketable
and the campaign items are added to the bucket.

If not selected, campaign items are added to the
campaign category as child items.

Enable this option when you are synchronizing enough
campaigns that having to scroll down a list in order
to find a specific campaign is too difficult.

Plugin Information

Plugin type Description
Subsequent pipeline steps use this plugin to access the contacts
read from xDB.

This step adds this plugin to the pipeline context.