Resolve Sitecore ItemΒΆ

This pipeline step is used to find a Sitecore item using the campaign identifier.

Template name Resolve Sitecore Item Pipeline Step
Base template Base Resolve Object From Sitecore
Field Description
Parent for item to resolve
This item is used as the starting point for the
Value accessor for Sitecore item
field used to match the identifier value
A search is built that looks for an item with a
field whose value matches the identifier value.
This field specifies which field on the item is
used in the query.

The value accessor must be an item based on the
Template for new item
If a new item is created, this is the template that
is used.
Value accessor for name for new item
If a new item is created, this value accessor is used
on the identifier object. The value that is read is
used as the name for the new item.