Pipeline Step ProcessorΒΆ

A pipeline step processor implements the logic to run a pipeline step.

A pipeine step processor is usually tightly coupled with a pipeline step. The pipeline step represents the configuration for a part of a pipeline, while the pipeline step processor implements the logic to use that configuration in order to perform a unit of work.

For example, a pipeline step may allow you to specify the CRM whose contacts you want to read by letting you specify a connection string. The pipeline step processor would use the connection string to read the contacts from the CRM.


Data Exchange Framework includes a number of pipeline steps and their corresponding pipeline step processors that perform basic tasks involved with data exchange, such as the ability to map data from a source object and a target object.

However, when building a custom provider for Data Exchange Framework, it is very likely you will need to develop custom pipeline steps and pipeline step providers. In fact, developing these is one of the main developer tasks involved with building a custom provider.