Iterating DataΒΆ

Often, the data that is read from an endpoint represents a collection of objects, where each object must be processed individually.

For example, consider a case where products are read from a PIM (product information system). A pipeline is designed to handle each product. So the data that is read must be iterated, and each product must be passed individually to the pipeline.

Data Exchange Framework includes the components that are needed to support this scenario. The developer building the pipelines step processor that reads the products from the PIM must set the products in the pipeline context using the Sitecore.DataExchange.Plugins.IterableDataSettings plugin.

The next pipeline step in the pipeline is a step is the Iterate Data and Run Pipelines Pipeline Step pipeline step. This step finds the IterableDataSettings plugin and iterates the data in the collection set on the plugin (in this case, the products that were set by the previous pipeline step processor).

The pipeline step has a property Pipelines property. This property identifies the pipelines that are run for each object in the collection.