5.1. Add Pipeline Step TemplateΒΆ

A pipeline step is needed to represent a logic involved with reading a file from an endpoint and handling the data that is read.

A template is needed to represent the pipeline step. It allows the pipeline step to be configured.

  1. In Sitecore, open Template Manager.

  2. Navigate to Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > File System.

  3. Add a template folder named Pipeline Steps.

  4. Add the following template:

    Name Read Text File Pipeline Step
    Base template Templates > Data Exchange > Framework > Pipeline Steps > Pipeline Step
    Location Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > File System > Pipeline Steps
  5. Set the icon for this template to office/32x32/element.png.

  6. Add a section named Endpoints.

  7. Add the following field:

    Name EndpointFrom
    Type Droptree
    Source query:./ancestor-or-self::*[@@templateid='{327A381B-59F8-4E88-B331-BEBC7BD87E4E}']//descendant-or-self::*[@@templateid='TEMPLATE-ID']
    Shared ticked


    You must replace TEMPLATE-ID with the id for the template you created named File System Endpoints Root. This is the template that represents folder used to store endpoint items for your provider.


    The query used for this field limits the droptree to the endpoints in the current tenant that are in the folder used to organize endpoints for this provider.

    The id {327A381B-59F8-4E88-B331-BEBC7BD87E4E} is for the template that represents a tenant. This is a template that is provided with the framework. You should not change this value.

    The id you provide is for the item used organize the endpoints for this provider.

  8. Navigate to Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > File System > Pipeline Steps > Read Text File Pipeline Step > Endpoints > EndpointFrom.

  9. Set the following field value:

    Name Title
    Value Endpoint for the file to read