Data Exchange Framework


If you created a custom provider, Data Exchange Framework version 1.4 introduces breaking changes that will require you update your provider.

The easiest way to identify these breaking changes is to recompile your provider using the dlls from version 1.4.

New features

Work queue enhancements for Content Editors

Content Editor users can select a work queue endpoint and immediately see information about the current contents of the work queue.


Clicking the link to show summary displays additional information about the current contents of the work queue.


Clicking the link to clear entries allows a Content Editor user to remove entries in the queue. This option is especially helpful when a user is troubleshooting a pipeline that uses the work queue functionality.


Work queue enhancements for developers

The work queue API was rewritten to emphasize a work queue typically only holds one type of entry. This greatly simplifies the API.

“Delta settings” feature moved from Dynamics CRM Provider into framework

Delta settings are used to configure date offsets. For example, if you only want to read records from a system that have changed within the past 24 hours, delta settings can be used to specify a date range where the minimum date is 24 hours earlier than the current date.

This functionality was originally available in the Dynamics CRM Provider. It has been moved into the framework so it is available to any provider that needs it.

Value mapping enhancements

The value mapping functionality is used to read values from a source object and write those values to a target object. When values are mapped, the component that does the mapping indicates whether or not the mappings were applied.

When mappings are applied, instructions called mappings applied actions can be run. A new feature called mappings applied action rules has been added. A mappings applied action rule allows you to configure conditions that must be met in order for a mappings applied action to be applied.

Feedback during tenant creation

The functionality to create tenants using branch templates has been refactored into the framework, and is available for any provider to use.

In addition, a progress box is displayed while the tenant is created in order to provide feedback during the tenant creation process.

Pipeline Batch control button enhancements

The Content Editor buttons that are used to start and stop pipeline batch execution are hidden unless a pipeline batch item is selected. Previously these buttons were simply disabled.

Simplified interface for BaseItemModelConverter

As is evident from the type name, BaseItemModelConverter converts an ItemModel into another type. This type now only supports a generic type to specify the target type.

SDK for provider developers

This optional product provides functionality useful to developers building providers for Data Exchange Framework. New features will be added in future versions of the SDK.

The first feature available is a “provider generator”. A large number of templates, items and insert options must be created in Sitecore for each new provider. Creating these is a very tedious and error- prone task when performed manually.

The SDK provides the ability to automatically generate most of these. For more information see Implementing a Provider.

Bugs fixes

  • InProcItemModelRepository does not convert ItemModel fields to string before writing to Sitecore. (153559)