Base Pipeline Step Converter

This class provides methods to simplify reading values from Sitecore items that are set on plugins that are added to a pipeline step for Data Exchange Framework.

Type Sitecore.DataExchange.Converters.PipelineSteps.BasePipelineStepConverter, Sitecore.DataExchange

AddPlugins(ItemModel, PipelineStep)

This method is used to add plugins to the pipeline step.

AddRequiredPlugins(ItemModel, PipelineStep)

The processor that implements the logic for a pipeline step may expect certain plugins be added to the pipeline in order for the processor to run properly. For example, a processor that reads data from an endpoint requires a plugin that specifies the endpoint.

This method is used to add the plugins to the pipeline step that the processor requires. This method does not do anything special when it adds the plugins. The method is separate from AddPlugins(ItemModel, PipelineStep) to help the code self-document.

AddOverrideActionsPlugin(ItemModel, PipelineStep)

There are cases where the pipeline step processor must be determined at runtime. Override actions are used to define the rules that determine which processor to use.


It is unusual for a developer to override this method.