Value Reader

Description A value reader is like a property-getter on a .NET class. It provides the implementation of the logic needed to read a value from an object.
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It is rare for the generic value reader to be used. In most cases, a specific type of value reader is used (for example, one that can get a property on an object). The configuration of any specific value reader depends on its type.

See also

For information on the value readers included with the supported providers, see the section Value Readers in the Component Reference.

When to Extend

Data Exchange Framework comes with a set of standard value readers. In addition, each provider comes with a set of value readers designed specifically for the system the provider integrates.

The following are cases where custom value readers may be needed:

  • A developer building a custom provider that involves working with a 3rd party API.
  • Simplifying configuration by encapsulating complex logic in a single value reader.