12. Assign Converter & Processor to Pipeline Step TemplateΒΆ

The converter created in Implement Converter for Read Members Pipeline Step is always used to convert items based on the template created in Add Template for Read Members Pipeline Step. The processor created in section is always used to run the pipeline step. This can be set up on the template so the converter is assigned automatically when a new item is created.

  1. In Sitecore, open Template Manager.
  2. Navigate to Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > Dynamics CRM > Pipeline Steps > Read CRM Account Membership Pipeline Step.
  3. Add standard values to the template.
  4. Navigate to the standard values item.
  5. Set the following field value:
Field name Converter type
Value Examples.DynamicsCrm.Converters.ReadAccountMembershipStepConverter, Examples.DynamicsCrm
  1. Set the following field value:
Field name Processor type
Value Examples.DynamicsCrm.Processors.ReadAccountMembershipStepProcessor, Examples.DynamicsCrm
  1. Save the item.