By adding a custom condition for the Sitecore Rules Editor you can allow content authors to personalize web pages using the visitor’s account.

  1. In Visual Studio, add the following references to the project:
  • Sitecore.Analytics.dll
  1. Add the following class:
using Examples.DynamicsCrm.Models;
using Sitecore.Analytics.DynamicsCrm.Rules.Contacts.Conditions;
using Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking;
using Sitecore.Rules;
using System;

namespace Examples.DynamicsCrm.Rules
    public class PersonalizationAccountCondition<T> : BaseMembershipCondition<T> where T : RuleContext
        public PersonalizationAccountCondition() : base("AccountId")
        protected override bool DoesMatch(Guid entityId, Contact contact)
            var facet = contact.GetFacet<ICrmContactDataEx>(this.ContactFacetName);
            if (facet == null)
                return false;
            return facet.AccountId == entityId;
  1. Compile the project.
  2. Deploy Examples.DynamicsCrm.dll to your Sitecore server.
  3. In Content Editor, navigate to sitecore > system > Settings > Rules > Definitions > Elements > Dynamics CRM Visitor.
  4. Add the following item:
Template Condition
Name Dynamics CRM Account
  1. For the field Text, set the following value:
where the visitor is a member of the account [externalentityid,CRM Connect/DependentTree,dependency=tenant&mode=descendant&templateid={0DE319D9-125C-42F3-B330-05C30D1B42D3}&rootitemname=Accounts&selection=[ACCOUNT-TEMPLATE-ID]&setRootAsSearchRoot=true,specific account] from the tenant [tenant,Tree,root={5EE8330D-E35E-433B-9BA6-DAF87ED38867}&selection={327A381B-59F8-4E88-B331-BEBC7BD87E4E}&setRootAsSearchRoot=true,specific tenant]
  1. In the field Text, change [ACCOUNT-TEMPLATE-ID] to the ID of the template created in Add Templates for CRM Entity Data.
  2. Set the following field value:
Field Type
Value Examples.DynamicsCrm.Rules.PersonalizationAccountCondition, Examples.DynamicsCrm
  1. Save the item.

Now you can configure a personalization condition based on whether or not the visitor is a member of a specific CRM account.