4. Mapping Option Set ValuesΒΆ


Please read this section carefully before trying to write option set values to Dynamics CRM.

Now, any entity value accessor set you have can be configured to write option set values to CRM entities. In order for Dynamics CRM Connect to treat the attribute value as an option set value, you must enable the field Use Value Property on the entity value accessor that represents the entity.


Remember that the components you created do not convert string values into the appropriate option set value. The option set value is always and integer.

For example, Dynamics CRM uses an option set to indicate a contact’s gender. In the option set:

  • Male is represented by the value 1
  • Female is represented by the value 2

If you want to change the gender of a contact, the value you map to CRM must be either 1 or 2.

The field Source Value Transformer on the value mapping component provides a way for you to convert strings (and other values) into valid option set values.