22. Add to Full CRM Contacts to xDB Sync Pipeline BatchΒΆ

If you want, you can add the CRM account synchronization process to the process that synchronizes CRM contact and marketing list data.

  1. Navigate to your tenant.
  2. Navigate to Pipeline Batches > Full CRM Contacts to xDB Sync Pipeline Batch.
  3. In the field Pipelines, add the following pipeline:
Pipelines > CRM Account Pipelines > Read CRM Accounts Pipeline
  1. Set the order for the items in the field to the following:
  • Reset Existing xDB Contacts Pipeline
  • Read CRM Lists Pipeline
  • Read CRM Contacts Pipeline
  • Read CRM Accounts Pipeline
  • Process Contacts in Queue Pipeline
  1. Save the item.

If you run the pipeline batch you should see the CRM account ID included in the Sitecore contact.