This synchronization process is defined in the pipeline batch xDB Contacts to CRM Sync Pipeline Batch.

The contact synchronization process involves the following steps:

  1. Read contacts from xDB.
  2. Loop through the contacts from xDB. For each contact:
  1. Get the CRM contact that corresponds to the xDB contact if one exists, otherwise create a new CRM contact.
  2. Apply value mappings by reading values from the xDB contact and writing those values to the work queue entry.
  1. Read CRM contacts from work queue.
  2. Loop through the contacts from the work queue. For each contact:
    1. Add the contact to a batch that can be submitted to CRM.
  1. Submit the batch to CRM.

  2. Loop through CRM contacts that were created. For each CRM contact:

    1. Get the xDB contact.

    2. Set the CRM contact id on the xDB contact.


      Writing data back to the xDB contact is needed so that the CRM contact id is set on the xDB contact. This facilitates future synchronization.



A larger version of this sequence diagram is available here.