Filter Salesforce Campaigns

By default, all campaigns are read from Salesforce. You can define an expression that provides a greater amount of control over which campaigns are read.

  1. In Content Editor, navigate to your tenant.

  2. Navigate to Tenant Settings > Salesforce > Filter Expressions > Campaign Filter Expressions.

  3. Insert a new item using the template Filter Expression.

  4. Configure the item.


    For more information on how to configure filter expresions, see Filter Expressions.

  1. Navigate to your tenant.
  2. Navigate to Pipelines > Salesforce Campaign Pipelines.
  3. Navigate to Read Salesforce Campaigns Pipeline > Read Salesforce Campaigns.
  4. In the field Filter expression, select the expression you created.
  5. Save the item.

This setting will take affect the next time the synchronization process runs.


This setting will affect the Salesforce campaigns are read in the future. Salesforce campaigns that have already been synchronized will not be removed from Sitecore.