Set Maximum Number of Salesforce Contacts to Read

By default, all active contacts are read from Salesforce. You can also set a limit for the number of contacts that are handled.


This setting does not restrict the number of contacts that are read from Salesforce. The number of contacts that are read is determined by a combination of the expression that is used and the page size that is specified.

  1. In Content Editor, navigate to your tenant.
  2. Navigate to Pipelines > Salesforce Contact Pipelines.
  3. Navigate to Read Salesforce Contacts Pipeline > Read Salesforce Contacts.
  4. In the field Maximum Count, enter the maximum number of contacts you want to handle.
  5. Save the item.

This setting will take affect the next time the synchronization process runs.


This setting will affect the Salesforce contacts are read in the future. Salesforce contacts that have already been synchronized will not be removed from Sitecore.