Upgrading the Tenant

The Data Exchange Framework SDK can be used to apply a set of changes to an existing tenant. This is how the mappings for commerce data are applied to the tenant.

When the tenant is upgraded, the existing pipeline batches are updated to include commerce data.

  1. In Sitecore, open Content Editor.

  2. Navigate to sitecore > System > Data Exchange

  3. Select your tenant.

  4. In the ribbon, if Data Exchange SDK does not appear, right-click on the ribbon and select Data Exchange SDK.

  5. Click Upgrade Tenant.

  6. From the dropdown, select xDB Data Migration Tool 2.0.1 Upgrade for Commerce.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Read the information and then click Start upgrade.

  9. While the upgrade process runs, a status dialog is displayed.

  10. When the upgrade process is finished, a status summary is displayed.



This is the only time this status summary is accessible. It is recommended that you copy the text and save it for future reference.

  1. Click Close.


If any errors were reported during the tenant upgrade, it is possible to undo the upgrade. Before the tenant upgrade process starts, the tenant is serialized.

To undo all changes made during the tenant upgrade process, revert the tenant tree using Sitecore’s item serialization features.

  1. Review the tenant configuration to make sure the mappings are properly set.
  2. Select the tenant.
  3. Set the following field values:
Field Value
Enabled ticked
  1. Save the item.