Using a Custom xConnect Collection ModelΒΆ


This section only applies if you have custom data you need to migrate to XP 9.

It is possible that you have custom data in MongoDB that you plan on migrating to XP 9. Examples are custom contact facets and custom events. In order to do this, you must create a custom model so that xConnect is aware of your additions.

In this case, you must create a new collection model for xConnect that combines your additions with the collection model that includes the collection model used by xDB Data Migration Tool, and the collection model used for commerce.

Your collection model must reference the model Sitecore.DataExchange.Tools.XdbDataMigration.Commerce.DataMigrationForCommerceCollectionModel.

An example of how to configure xDB Data Migration Tool to migrate custom data, see the section Implement Components to Store Migrated Data.