Email Addresses Facet

Format in Sitecore 8.x

In Sitecore 8.x, email addresses are associated with a contact through a property on the contact. The name of the property is Emails.

The following is an example the Emails property on the contact:

"Emails" : {
    "Preferred" : "work",
    "Entries" : {
        "work" : {
            "SmtpAddress" : "",
            "BounceCount" : 0
        "home" : {
            "SmtpAddress" : "",
            "BounceCount" : 0

The Entries property is a dictionary. Each member of the dictionary has a key and a value. The key describes the email address. The value is an object that contains the details of the email address.

In addition to the Entries property, the Emails object has another property named Preferred. The value is the key for one of the email addresses.

Format in Sitecore 9

In Sitecore 9, email addresses are associated with a contact through a contact facet:

Facet Name Emails
Facet Type Sitecore.XConnect.Collection.Model.EmailAddressList

Unlike in Sitecore 8.x where all email addresses are stored in a single dictionary, in Sitecore 9, the preferred email address is stored separate from the other email addresses.

Facet Property Description
PreferredEmail Object that represents the preferred email address
PreferredKey Key for the preferred email address
Others Dictionary that contains all other email addresses associated with the contact

Mapping Email Address Properties

Source object Member of the dictionary located at Emails.Entries on the contact document
Target object Sitecore.XConnect.Collection.Model.EmailAddress
Mapping definition MongoDB to xConnect Contact Mappings > MongoDB Email to xConnect Contact Email Address
Value to write to target object Property on target object
BounceCount from source object BounceCount
SmtpAddress from source object SmtpAddress
false Validated