Page Events - Content Testing

This section describes how events triggered by MV tests are mapped from Sitecore 8.x to 9.


For background information on page events, see the Page Events page.

Format in Sitecore 8.x

In Sitecore 8.x, the information about the MV tests that were run for a specific page view is represented on the page.

The following is an example of a page view with MV test information from an interaction:

    "DateTime" : ISODate("2018-01-01T09:00:00.000Z"),
    "Duration" : 0,
    "Item" : {
        "_id" : NUUID("d8983ebf-6557-4af1-ace3-38e04a746bfa"),
        "Language" : "en",
        "Version" : 3
    "SitecoreDevice" : {
        "_id" : NUUID("3d18c8d7-e96e-4e7f-bf28-edbd39428568"),
        "Name" : "Default"
    "MvTest" : {
        "_id" : NUUID("5320398c-a0e3-419b-81cf-40c79939f691"),
        "Combination" : { "$binary" : "AA==", "$type" : "00" },
        "ValueAtExposure" : 0,
        "ExposureTime" : ISODate("2018-01-01T09:00:00.000Z"),
        "FirstExposure" : true
    "Url" : {
        "Path" : "/Home/Locations"
    "VisitPageIndex" : 1

Format in Sitecore 9

In Sitecore 9, MV test information is associated with a page view event through an event:

Source object Member of the array located at Pages on the interaction document
Event mapping definition MV Test Event Mappings for MongoDB Page Events > MV Test Event
Event object type Sitecore.ContentTesting.Model.xConnect.MVTestTriggered
Conditions The event matching process does not apply to this event because the event data is not included in the PageEvents array on the page
Field mapping definition MongoDB to xConnect Event Mappings > MongoDB Page MV Test to xConnect MV Test Event

Mapping Event Properties

Value to write to event object Property on event object
MvTest.ExposureTime from source object ExposureTime
MvTest.FirstExposure from source object FirstExposure
Constant value false IsSuspended
MvTest.ValueAtExposure from source object ValueAtExposure
MvTest.EligibleRules from source object EligibleRules
MvTest.Combination from source object Combination